Auto Loan Rates: Milwaukee

Your APR rate could cost you thousands of dollars. So getting the least expensive rate possible is extremely important. Here are average auto loan rates in Milwaukee based on vehicle type and credit score. These are simply estimations, not advertisements, with no guarantee of accuracy.

Dealer Address Phone
500-589 21% 17%
590-619 19% 16%
620-659 12.5% 11%
660-689 7.5 6.5%
690-719 4.5% 4.5%
720-850 3.5% 3%

Of course, your FICO score is crucial when it comes to the interest rate you’ll be offered. That’s why it’s very important to check your score.

The advantages are myriad:

  • See what lending companies see when considering your credit history.
  • Ensure that you’re being offered a fair interest rate for your credit.
  • Have unlimited access to your credit scores.

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